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Revenue Stream

Predictable stream of income, providing financial stability and allowing organizations to plan and budget more effectively.

Media Inventory

Empower your organization with full control over all your media inventory. Determine inventory for each event, online meetings and conferences.

Campaign Delivery 

Campaigns come to life when your audience actively engages in networking, whether in person or virtually.

Personalize Profile

Personalized profiles empower your audience to seamlessly share essential details, including contact information, social media handles, and pertinent company information.

Media Type 

Personalized profiles empower your audience to seamlessly share essential details, including contact information, social media handles, and pertinent company information.

Gamified Campaigns

Elevate engagement and boost response rates by gamifying your brand campaigns. Studies show that gamified approaches yield 40% more interactions compared to traditional methods—after all, who doesn’t want to win a prize?

Case Studies

Discover. Match. Thrive.

At the GWBC 2022 Annual Event, KUE demonstrated its transformative prowess to over 300 participants. Remarkably, more than 90% of the audience actively utilized the app for networking purposes. Within a mere three-hour span, participants forged an impressive 8,200 connections.

Impact extended beyond individual interactions

  1. Twelve prominent brands strategically harnessed KUE’s media platform to launch compelling campaigns, resulting in a cumulative 2,700 campaign impressions.

    This unprecedented level of engagement underscores the immense value that KUE brings to events, empowering attendees to connect, collaborate, and thrive.

Unlocking Success: KUE Empowers MED Week at Long Island

The Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce (LIAACC), in collaboration with 100 Black Men of Eastern New York and the African American Small Business Foundation, proudly hosted the 2023 MED Week on Long Island. This dynamic event brought together nearly 300 participants, all eager to connect, learn, and thrive.

The Power of Connection

  1. At the heart of MED Week was the KUE platform, a game-changer for networking and collaboration. Through KUE, attendees seamlessly shared their contact information, fostering meaningful connections. Over 11,000 interactions took place during the event, sparking new relationships and opportunities.

Brand Campaign Triumphs

  1. The event sponsors were thrilled by the impact of their brand campaigns. Each of the six major sponsors enjoyed 600 campaign impressions, reaching a diverse audience passionate about business growth and community empowerment.

    MED Week wasn’t just an event; it was a catalyst for progress. As we look ahead, KUE continues to empower organizations, bridging gaps, and propelling success. Join us in unlocking new possibilities!

Connecting Excellence: The New Millennium Development Services Annual Conference

Our client New Millennium Development Services (NMDS) annual conference, helps Supplier Diversity Buyers from New York State agencies, connect with New York City and State Certified minority and veteran-owned businesses.

Adapting to Change: A Virtual Experience

  1. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we seamlessly transitioned the event to a virtual platform using ZOOM Meeting. The KUE team, meticulously planned, implemented, and managed the conference. Anticipating over 400 attendees, 25 agencies, and 9 speakers, we aimed to create an exceptional experience for all participants.

ZOOM and KUE Integration

  1. Zoom Account Setup: We guided all users through setting up their Zoom accounts.
  2. KUE App Download: Participants downloaded the KUE app and created personalized profiles.
  3. Custom Virtual Backgrounds: Each participant received a personalized Zoom virtual background featuring their unique KUE code.
  4. Online Training: We provided comprehensive online training to equip everyone with the necessary skills.

Feedback and Triumphs

  1. Engaging Networking: Participants found networking on ZOOM with personalized backgrounds both easy and enjoyable.
  2. Business Connections: Most attendees connected with at least 45 businesses during the event.
  3. High Praise: New York agencies lauded this as their best event, emphasizing its efficiency and productivity.
  4. Event Results: 3,000 Connection; 700 Meeting.

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